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Claremont Management Group, Inc.
David D. Schein - Richmond, Virginia
President and General Counsel

Claremont Management Group, Inc. has been providing professional services for 20 years. It draws on an experienced cadre of management experts who bring a century of experience to clients of all kinds. CMG is led by David D. Schein, President & General Counsel, who started his corporate career with 10 years of progressive experience with Fortune 50 companies. He then turned his attention to providing quality consulting and training services to CMG clients. David has a special interest in the arts. His first company was The Arts Menagerie, which provided arts management services to performers and fine arts in Philadelphia in the early 1970s, helping to lead the revival of the South Street area. He has served as a consultant for numerous arts organizations throughout the United States since that time.

CMG can be reached by email at or phone at 800-300-5198.


David Shein  
  The purpose of this page is to provide a recommendation for the services of Claremont Management Group, Inc.. Mr. David Shein has been providing superlative art-related legal consulting services to Staples Fine Art, Inc. for many years. Staples Fine Art, Inc. does not provide similar services and is not affiliated with Claremont Management Group. We highly recommend him and his services for professional artists.  
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