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Answers to the following questions will help us develop your Career Action Plan.

Artist Career Assessment
Your ideas flow, your work sizzles with energy, you have the burning desire for a full-time art career…and you have absolutely no idea how to go about it. Sound familiar? Your first steps should include being able to define your vision, evaluate where you are presently in your career, and to set specific goals.

There are many tough personal questions that you need to ask yourself regarding your mission, your personal values,  your motivations for wanting to pursue an art career, and what you are willing to do in order to achieve your goals. If you get this part of it right, then you will need to write it all down as part of your career action-plan.

Balancing day-to-day responsibilities plus personal income and family needs with your plan to build your art career can be a daunting task. It is important that you have a strong level of understanding and support for your goals from members of your immediate family.

You need to define very specifically what you want from an art career. What motivates you? Is it money, fame and adoration, respect, personal contact with the public, education or educating,  a passion for creating things, or something else? Knowing the answer to this question will help you define exactly what the word “success” means to you.

What are you willing to do to build your career?

a. Are you willing to spend significant time marketing yourself and your work?
b. Are you willing to be both artist and businessperson?
c. Would you be willing to teach?
d. Can you meet deadlines?
e. Does it feel like a compromise to create works just for the market?
f. How much of your financial resources are you willing to put into your career?
g. Are you flexible enough to follow your career even if it leads you down an unexpected, but personally satisfying path?
h. Would you be willing to relocate?
i. Are you willing to work long hours?
j. Are you willing to join professional art associations (note the adjective: “professional”) or guilds, or to work with mentors, agents and art consultants?

Determining your needs, focus and goals is the first step toward making your vision a reality. It is hard work, however, having a good career plan is like fuel for a starship. So set your course captain…”third star to the right and on ‘til dawn.
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