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Laser Cutting, Etching and Engraving

Custom Prototyping - Components for Design Projects - Consumer Products & Art - Signage


Fusion-Art™ Laser cutting & engraving raises the bar for our clients by providing a new variety of trend-setting production services for fine arts, design, & manufacturing professionals. We can intricately laser cut materials up to 1/2" thick or as delicate as paper. Already mastered pieces can be transformed into original etched art on granite, glass, acrylic, wood, leather, and more. Etched images can also be embellished with brilliant color to bring your work to the highest level of artistic expression. The possibilities are limitless...
(Also see Laser Zylography™)

Transform your concepts into works of art...
  A sampling of the industries we serve:  
  Here Are Just Some Of The Possibilities
Dimensional Lettering, Wall Art, Ornaments
Jewelry Components, Pendants
Stencils, Wood Inlay Components
Puzzles, Mobiles, Etched Tiles, Tiled Murals,
Engraved Photos, 3D Sculpture
Etched Designs on Jewelry Boxes
Photos Etched in Granite or Wood
3D Logo and Sign Components
Trophies, Awards, Plaques
Woodcut Engravings
Inspirational Gifts
Flooring and Wall Design Concepts for Manufacturers
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