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Art Business Consulting and Project Development Services

Consumers now have an overwhelming number of choices. In order not to get lost in the shuffle, visual artists, craftsmen, and all others in the supply chain must constantly strive to improve the quality of their products, processes, brand identity and marketing strategies if they wish to win the hearts of customers. An understanding of the market is critical to success in any sector of the art business. You must identify a demand and work backward to build your business.

SFA Fine Art Services provides art business management and project consulting for career development of visual artists. We advise artists on matters related to the business of art, marketing and licensing work, product development and more. We help artists acquire the skills they need to grow their business and provide them with the tools necessary to manage their own careers.

For beginning and mid-career artists, hourly "all-purpose" consulting sessions are our most popular option. Additionally, long term career assistance is available to artists on a selective basis. For a monthly retainer, based on a one-year agreement, we begin from the bottom up, assisting artists on broader subjects such as the general direction of their career, to the in-depth workings of developing and expanding marketing action plans, to more focused subjects like getting organized, critical analysis of your website, pricing strategies, and best methods of keeping records. Depth of services rendered and appropriate fees are determined on an individual basis.

SFA Fine Art Services delivers over 30 years of professional experience in the business of art. Your success is our success. We can help provide the tools for you to grow and take your art career to the next level. We have some preliminary questions that will help you prepare for our artist coaching sessions. Take our Artist Career Assessment... GO>

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